Monday, 29 September 2008

29/09/08 FIRST DAY BACK.

First day back, to find out we can now officially call the Arts Institute a 'university'. It felt like my first day all over again and wasn't really sure why I was nervous as I knew everyone this time! The day was taken up by catching up with classmates, an introduction to PPRD 2 and enrollment before setting up my blog page and flickr account to try and organise myself for the year to come.

PPRD 2 seems quite different to last year as it is aimed to make us employable and professional ready for the big wide world. This will be helped by live briefs given to us by our tutors as well as some extra curricular stuff to tackle in our own time. All of which will prove very beneficial and hopefully will make a big impact on the way I work. A bit nerving if you ask me! So I'm taking my first step in my PPRD this year by documenting my progress on here for others to read.

I want to apply myself a lot more than I did last year and produce some high quality work and ideas. I need to improve my time management and organisational skills in order to do this! 

Next day back is Thursday for our first brief, just hoping it'll all go well. 

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