Thursday, 2 October 2008


Well, today was a very unsuccessful day. We had our introduction to the first brief and it took me a while to break down and work out what it was we had to do. I just couldn't concentrate. Eventually I relaxed a little and knew what it was we need to produce by Thursday next week for our first critique of the year.

The first section, titled 'Look Again/Think Again' proved quite a challenging brief when it came to ideas generation. I feel like I have wasted the day away although I've been thinking and trying to come up with various ideas all day. I even went to the library and took out two books, something I did very little of last year. The books; Communicate:Independent British Graphic Design since the Sixties and Creative advertising; were full of really clever ideas but didn't really give me ideas I wanted to pursue in. 

We have to produce an A3 poster either:

Choosing a social issue that in your opinion has been overlooked and needs addressing...


An object that will often carry values that go beyond its intended purpose or everyday use; it may evoke certain memories or feelings that give the object a sentimental significance.

 I found both sides of it difficult to approach and am going to spend part of my day tomorrow in a group tutorial where I hope to get involved in some ideas generation to help give me a kick start.

Tonight will be a case of more mind-mapping to bring something to the table in our tutorial and continuing to organise myself. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a far more successful day! 

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