Friday, 5 December 2008


Today we did something a little different. Using just one image of a snowflake, drawn on illustrator, we had to reproduce it to fall, randomly whilst changing size and colour. Initially I thought we would have to draw lots of different snowflakes, and change the size ourselves, but we had to write a code which would enable us to do this using just one snowflake, of one size, one shape and one colour in order to produce what we need.
To my surprise the code wasn't particularly long, a little more complicated that we have previously worked on, however the results were much more rewarding because of the 'random' input.

This is what I started off with after I had perfected the codes. I dragged and dropped numerous snowflakes at the top of the screen to make the fall more often and random. I drew my own design on the graphic layer as my background. I now had to test my code to see if the fall had worked using random colour, random size, random rotation etc.

Above: A screenshot of my falling snowflakes. This proves my code works :)

This is my finished code. Initially I didn't have a '+' after rotation, but after speaking to James, if I include this, my snowflakes will rotate faster. :) Much better results I think! 

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