Friday, 12 December 2008


I honestly didn't think I would struggle this much to represent myself well through my own work on my online portfolio. As my work is completely different between graphics and illustration I don't know how to portray myself. I want to be taken seriously as a designer, however I want my website to have elements of fun and easy-going and to reflect me as a person.Below is some example on some logos I have designed for myself. I have chosen the name 'PegLegs' as it is personal to me and a childhood nickname.
The image clearly represents me and how I look. It also relates to past illustration I have done. However I don't want to be seen as entirely an illustrator. I like to think I have skills in a wide media and I want this to be reflected through my website.
Personally I don't particularly think my critique was all that positive and made me think even more about how I can represent myself well and professionally. Back to the drawing board I think!

The image above is a screenshot of how I thought I could made my brand look a little more professional and graphic-like. I would really like to have my gallery like this, although I may need to think further on this too.
People liked the name PegLegs although there were doubts from Neil, and a point was made as to whether or not I would like this name and logo to represent me in 15 years time? It was a good point however, I felt a little shot down. Just need to think harder I think and engage in more research.

In response to the critique, on my walk home I thought about maybe having a split personality on my webpage. My PegLegs brand can represent me as an illustrator, and Meg or Megan Corkhill (still needs to be thought about) can represent my graphic design/branding etc side of me. I'm going to pitch this idea in today's tutorial.

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