Thursday, 4 December 2008



In the morning, I had my second Flash lesson which again was very helpful to me, and more importantly I left understanding everything. 
Today we were working on a page which had already
 been produced by Neil, we just had to create characters to drag, enlarge, shrink, react on collision and to navigate using code. Although there was a lot of it, most of the code was copied and pasted, with only a couple of words and symbols to change (See sketchbook for more detail).
Above, left: My original characters in starting positions. No change made.
Above, right: An example of what happens on collision with the other character.

I have written the code so that only the pink character moves and changes, unless it collides with the blue character. It is here that the blue character rotates and the pink one changes it's transparency.

Above, left: Demonstration of pink character enlarging. (Using buttons on the right (+))
Above, right: Demonstration of pink character shrinking. (Using buttons on the left (-))

The pink character can also be rotated using the buttons on the right hand side and navigated around the page using buttons on the left hand side.


I found the tutorial in the afternoon really helpful. He began by giving us a brief introduction to what he thinks is important when entering a competition brief before splitting us up in to groups with people who were working on the same briefs. From here we had to bounce of ideas and discuss our thought processes as to how we will progress through this project. 
As Laura was the only one doing her brief, she joined me and Jamie in our discussions and ideas.
Mike Ryan's brief introduction explained what was expected from ISTD:
  • It's GOT to have background research.
  • It's typographically based.
  • Have you had at least 3 different ideas?
  • It HAS to work in terms of type and organisation.
  • Needs to be a good idea.
  • Ideally research needs to be completed before we get back from Christmas.
I showed him the piece of typography I had produced yesterday. I think because I managed to show him what I meant about incorporating conversations in to text, he was able to give me more feedback. I was told I needed to collect the raw material before I could progress anymore.
I need to collect my inspiration and plan my research in order to produce the results I have in my head. I'm going to have a lot of text so I really need to consider how I will do this. The secret is in the presentation.

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