Friday, 9 January 2009


I found this critique pretty useful as it was a small informal talk with Kit, who hasn't necessarily seen our work since the first year, but knows who we are. This helped in the sense that she would be able to give us an unbiased opinion on how our website looks and would work.
As I want to be a designer, not necessarily graphic or an illustrator I had to produce something that would reflect the different kinds of work I do.
With the design I chose to put forward, I took relevant colours from my graphic work and the stylised collaging from my illustration work. I want to have a professional looking website, and I think we all agree that this looks better than my first designs!
As I am a bit rusty with dreamweaver, I have decided to design the website first before trying to produce the code for it so I know exactly how I would like it to work.


  • 'Print' - consider calling this something else, e.g. Graphics or Design? The word 'print' can be misleading.
  • The order of work, put most important at the top and follow down to the least important. Design and Identity tie in together so these should be at the top followed by Illustration and Photography.
  • Consider how you can include colour on the contact page, every other page has lots of colour.
  • Put portfolio before bio in the menu bar.
I found the feedback very useful as I could see exactly where Kit was coming from with her advice. I will be making these changes shortly!

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