Friday, 9 January 2009


After a good day yesterday with finally being able to make my website more like 'me and my work', I was able to crack on with it today and feel a lot more positive about things :)
To overcome my initial problems, I dug out my work and spread it out selecting what it is I wanted to display in my portfolio. This made things 10 times easier to find a running theme between all my style of work. This seemed to be collage, therefore decided to grab some newspapers and cut out letters displaying them in a way that would make my name work. At first I was a bit hesitant to use my name, however when presented the right way I feel a lot better about it.
As I seem to use black, white, grey and pink quite a lot, I thought it was appropriate to use these somewhere in my work.
I seemed to have gone straight to the complete opposite end of the scale from 'Peglegs' to this:

I have my critique in 10 minutes, so will update when I've had feedback :)

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