Thursday, 6 November 2008


So after our meeting with Chloe, I feel a little more settled knowing I can finally do some work on my other work which I feel has been neglected for ages! [although it has only been a few days]
I was a bit shady on a solid ideas as  I had a few brewing round my head during the week. However I felt a lot better after talking to Neil and Claire only to find out other people in the class are in the same position as me, James, George, Vicky and Luke...and done nothing since our group presentations last week.
I just had a brief tutorial with Neil and I managed to get a basic idea to work on, I just need to build on them now. We have a critique tomorrow, where we need to produce a page of sketches of designs for our boxes.
For this I will focus on the size, shape and how it will function before even really considering the design to be printed on the outside.
I think, once my idea is underway I will feel a lot more positive about this whole thing!
I need to calm down.

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