Monday, 3 November 2008


For the second part of out unit on Visual Communication in Context 2, we had to produce a series of 6 greeting cards for any occasion of our choice.
At the beginning I struggled with how I could put my thoughts and ideas in my head, onto paper. The tutorials with Neil and Claire helped a lot during my ideas generations and making them come to life.
'Monsters' was an initial idea from the start (inspired by Sesame Street and Pacman) and am really pleased that I have managed to make my designs work, not only as greeting cards, but also as a set, as seen in both my sketchbook and on my design sheets.
I decided on blank cards initially but reviewing my final set in an interim critique with Neil and Claire, I was advised to try some with type. As I couldn't find any suitable fonts on my computer, I designed my own. This proved more successful that I thought, and therefore wanted to produce two sets of six. Following this I have been able to extend my 'set' into a small collection introducing a gift bag and wrapping paper as well as 12 Christmas cards.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and have had a constant flow of ideas and motivation throughout this which has helped greatly with my work. I am always changing my designs as I believe there is always room for improvement. I have been consistent in making the necessary changes after critiques and tutorials in order to improve my cards to the highest standard.
Overall I believe this area of the unit is very successful and am hoping to make it sell!

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