Friday, 21 November 2008


Well last night we attended the launch party for Ink Bar. We turned up at about 6pm and stayed, drinking free champagne until we left at 11.30!
We met quite a few important people, one of which was Andy Price, owner of the Ink Bar (as well as The Print Rooms, Aruba, WestBeach). Our photograph should be appearing in a couple of magazines, DV8 being one of them, and the local newspaper. All very exciting! We were interviewed briefly by a PR from Liz Lean, so I look forward to see what was written about us!
It was amazing to see all our work on the windows, menus, invitations and flyers, it still didn't seem real though. We have been invited back early next week to be treated with dinner from Andy Price and to receive all printed media of our work, as well as having yet more photographs taken. 
If anyone sees our photographs, keep a copy for me please!
More updates to follow soon.

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