Thursday, 13 November 2008


I know I still need to push my idea further ready for tomorrow's critique, however I have made a few changes since my initial designs, and will need to transfer them on to my box ready for tomorrow. As I have spent all my time on the Ink Bar and the design for my graphics, I haven't fully thought out how my box will function.
I have looked at a few different concepts and believe that the choice I have made will prove successful if I approach it in the right way. Below is the net of my box which I have chosen to use alongside my design:

On the front of the box there will be a slanted face, somewhere which I am debating what to do with it. Hopefully someone will suggest something for this during the critique.
I have also progressed with my graphics a little, by experimenting with the blue stripes a little more, and the positioning of the graphics on my box. 

Here I have copied and reflected my original landscape so that the whole image flows smoothly around the outside of the packaging instead of mismatching. I decided to put a gradient on the colour to make it gradual around the perimeter of the box before reaching full colour and stopping suddenly. I think this design is effective. Once I was happy with my design I placed it on the template to see how it could sit.

As you can see from this diagram, the point where the blue stripes stop is on the front of the box. I think this works best as opposed to any of the other sides of the box, as the front is the first thing you see. The blue will come out a lot differently once printed on brown paper, which is the effect I want.
As for the inside of the box, I want this colour to continue. I was initially going to use a texture, but as I didn't have the Animal logo anywhere on the box yet, I decided to put it here. Below is an example of how I have used it:

As you can see, I have used the male and female logo depending on who the watch is for. The outer box is quite unisex so my idea was to separate the two by a difference of design on the inside.
This is my final design, ready for the critique:

More photographs to follow.

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