Friday, 7 November 2008


I was quite worried about today, as I felt I didn't have a strong enough idea to put forward in the critique, and I was in the first group. Luckily I was one of the last to pitch my idea and along the way I had a few ideas pop in to my head which seemed to go down pretty well.
I still really need to consider materials, the design, and how it functions but so far my idea seems strong enough, I just need to push it further.
My idea is based on a small brown cardboard box I own which held a candle, and I thought this material would be really good to use as it is recyclable and eco-friendly.
Around the bottom of the box I will have my graphic/illustration, of the location of where an extreme sport is held, for example snowy mountains for snowboarders. It will be in black and white, which I think will have an interesting effect on the brown cardboard.
On the inside I will have a bright colour which will represent the bright blue skies/sunsets you find in most staged photographs of extreme sports. To make it more interesting I need to consider how the box opens, and possibly include some form of texture within the colour.
I am considering having a window somewhere on the box to give a taste of the watch and the colour inside. I felt a little more confident towards the end of the critique as the feedback was positive and my peers made some good suggestions.
I have spent most of the day sketching, and really trying to figure out how my illustration will work which has started to stress me out a little! Hopefully something will come to me soon, we have a week left before our final critique, which doesn't leave much time with the Ink Bar project on at the same time!

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