Thursday, 6 November 2008


Today we got to meet the designer for West-beach, Aruba and The Print Room to talk about how we can all work together in order to produce all the printed media in time for the launch. George, Luke, James, Vicky and myself sat down with Chloe and James and had an ideas generation session on promotions names, and how we can all have a running theme between the website, invitations, menus, loyalty cards and Christmas flyers.
It was a successful day and helped a lot having them sat in front of us so we could get immediate feedback on our layouts. By 12 o'clock, we had a few final designs for the invitations as they needed to be completed ready to print by 5.30pm tonight. Tight deadline yet again!
We are still waiting to hear feedback on our invitations as to which got chosen, and considering it is 4.11pm it's pushing it if we need to make any changes!
Below are the three invitations I ended up putting forward:
I was happy with the fact Chloe had really positive things to say about my designs. She liked the fact that my design spread over to the back of the invitation which was good as that separated my designs from the ones that Vicky and James were producing. I used the text layout that Vicky made as it fitted together well and looked clean, crisp and professional.
Luke and George are still working on the website, it's looking good! All we need to do now is the Christmas flyer.
We have been told today that the bar officially opens on the 19th November, launch date on the 20th which means everything needs to be ready next week...Eek! The stress is on.

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