Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Now that I have an idea to put forward, I now need to put it into practice. 
I want my graphic to be quite photographical instead of vector images so I researched various landscapes. I then selected particular sections of each image and collaged them together. Before this collage I tried a few out and this is the layout I settled with as it was my most effective design.
Below is how my image looked before any adjustments:

I then took this design to the photocopier to get a grainy black and white image. The effect was just what I was looking for, however in order for my image to be easily produced I had to scan it in. This refined the image slightly and neatened it, but I had to work with it on the computer and this was the only way to get close to the effect that I wanted. Ideally I would have like to use photocopying and printing in order to produce my design but this would be far to time consuming. I did try using cellulose thinner with my photocopied landscape, but unfortunately this idea failed.
I scanned in my image and printed it on brown paper to see how it would print:

This isn't what I had expected it to print out like, however I think I prefer it this way. I originally wanted the white to print out and show up on the brown paper, but I love the way it's just turned out with black on brown paper. Limiting the number of colours will also produce reduce printing costs.

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