Wednesday, 19 November 2008


So today is the day the InkBar actually opens, and we are awaiting tomorrow's launch party which we have V.I.P passes to :) All very exciting!
James and myself received a phone call today giving us feedback on our work, we need to make slight adjustments, but my flyer is getting printed today ready to be handed out up Richmond Hill tomorrow!! Wow. James' invitations have already been printed, and more need to be printed as 100 people have already R.S.V.P and the bar can only hold a capacity of it's going to be pretty rammed tomorrow hopefully!
We have also been told that it is confirmed that there will be press coverage and we will be talking to quite important people about our work. Daunting but it's going to be amazing!
I was excited just to see our logo in the window during refurbishments last weekend, but tomorrow it's all going to fall into place and become real!

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