Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Building on my scanned/photocopied image I wanted to incorporate some colour. I have chosen a bright blue to represent the crisp skies that appear in professional extreme sports photographs.

This is how I initially imagined how my design would look. However it doesn't show much brown paper, therefore I need to review my ideas.
I have decided to use less colour on the outside, and focus on putting the colour inside the box to make it more interesting. I have used stripes in my design as it is simple and makes the design look quite contemporary.
In my opinion the design I would like to take forward is the third one down where the stripes stop 3/4 of the way along and are at the top to represent the colour of the sky more. I feel this is the most appealing and I have more scope to work with the layout once it is on the box.
I have two days until the critique, all I need to do now is push this idea a little further before presenting it on Friday.

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