Thursday, 27 November 2008


Our task up until the 23 January next year is to design our own online portfolio. 
I have been looking forward to this brief as it really gives us all a chance to get our identities out there ready to be recognised and snapped up by other major companies.
As of yet I have no ideas on what I want my identity to be or how I want it to look which is the first hurdle I need to cross. 
All in all we have three learning outcomes to achieve, our finished web design, research and demonstrating the process of our work. There's lots to do in this unit, however if it's done properly it can be our identity that will get our names on the map.
I'll need to consider what is going to appear on my online portfolio, the simplicity and ease of functioning and what will make it so unique that it will stand out from all the other online portfolios out there.
Plenty of research is needed here as well as finalising what I would like to call myself, whether I will put my name out there as Megan Corkhill, or a small design group. So far it makes more sense to put my name up as I searched in google for it, and it was the first few links to come up, meaning no other companies have that name.
A lot to take into account here!

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