Saturday, 28 February 2009


I am currently aware that as this professional project, PPRD and anything else goes on I need to make sure I don't neglect the theory side of things.
Today I have tried to come up with some sort of reading list and some case studies ready to show Anna in Monday's session. Unfortunately a few of the books I need are on loan, so have reserved them. But I also can't take any more out until I have returned the 9 I currently have on loan! This must be a record for me I think. But it's all very useful. I am disappointed it has taken so long to get in to the library to work, however, for an FMP I'm glad I did it now instead of never.
I have made a list of everything I need to include in my sketchbook so far as I am finding I am working faster than I can fill my sketchbook!
I am making sure I talk to lots of people and tutors about my work and listening and on the look out for any ideas. I am feeling alot more confident about my work as ideas are rolling out of my head onto paper, I just can't wait to make them happen. BUT I need to research first, or I'm jumping ahead of myself and will lack the research I need to underpin my work.
I'm finally glad to see it's pointing in some sort of direction now, I just need to run with it.

Only thing I need to conquer now, is the essay. Uh-oh :(

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