Saturday, 7 February 2009


I have decided to run with the whole relationship/happiness idea. There is a lot of research I can do both primary and secondary which could really enhance my project. 
I'm still very much at the starting point, I still need to pinpoint exactly what it is I want to do and how I'm going to approach this. However for now, these are my thoughts:

Think about past experiences?
Present experiences?
Other people?
Relative incidences?
Friends and family?
How to people handle different situations?
This isn't just about me, but my experiences = inspiration.
Do people really know how to ask for help?
Train your brain to think of the pros instead of letting the cons take over your emotions.
What makes people happy/sad?
Survey 100 people on what makes them happy, makes them think differently?
Look at relationships between parents/teachers/teenagers?
Show that parents and teenagers think the same?
Self confidence?
Alternative ways of thinking when you are down/stressed?
Are children less happy now?
Where have the parents gone?
What do people think is a suitable age for the parents to start back at work full time after giving birth?
Look at how colour effects people's mood and reactions.
Weigh up pros and cons.
Life experience = value to the project.
Social workers > are they taking the blame for the parents mistakes?
Could the way of upbringing point children towards drug and alcohol abuse?
Experiment with different types of people eg. different clothing/music tastes?
Experiment with one phrase, different design/colour/layout?
Look at psychology.
The design of each page will become just as important as the content.
Colour with meaning. Why is it used?

I will be using my 1 minute presentation as research about how people respond to different images/colour. Hopefully people will take it seriously and this will be a good starting point for me!

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