Thursday, 12 February 2009


Ok, so I was really dreading today as first of all I hate presentations, but as I was towards the end of the very long day it was, the more I saw how people were getting 'shot down' I was really scared at the reactions I would receive!
However, despite my worries and feeling a little negative, I enjoyed watching other peoples presentations as it was good to see what people had come up with. I feel my presentation went well, I produced a powerpoint presentation accompanied by an explanation of my ideas. This was another thing that made me nervous as every time up until that point I had tried to explain my ideas to people, and each time they came out different! Luckily I pulled myself together at the presentation and apparently what I wanted made sense, so that's a relief!
I finished my presentation with a short survey from my classmates to form the first part of my research. This was successful in some aspects however I feel a few people didn't take it seriously enough, and as this is for my professional project I was quite annoyed at this.
I chose a series of images and asked my peers to write one word on how the image makes them feel. This did include colours as well, however my presentation broke down a little here so will do a separate survey for colour using non-artistic people. My reasoning behind this was to see how peoples mood was affected/what feelings people associate with certain surroundings.
However, it does form research and will continue to include the results and findings, however I think I would rather do my survey more on a one on one or small groups in order to get accurate and serious answers.

To summarise:
  • I want to produce something to help make people think more positively, particularly when they are stressed. 
  • I want people to reflect on the good things in their day, not the bad.
  • I want my design and use of colour to enhance the way people think psychologically.
  • I will use surveys and experiments to form primary research.
  • I will be researching the psychology behind colour and how they effect people.
  • Make people remember, they can't forget their problems, but can think more positively about them.
  • Aim is for more positive thinking, and self confidence.
  • It's all about your way of thinking. This CAN be controlled.

"Don't sweat the small stuff" (refer to this).
'Is the glass half full or half empty?' Does this reflect how people think? Look at their reasoning.
Good presentation, and fastest survey!
Good use of time, and good idea to use presentation for research purposes too.

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