Friday, 27 February 2009


I decided to go to the library and search for some useful books on concept advertising and stress management. Unfortunately there were a few missing that I wanted to take out, however I will leave that for another day.
I now have a list piling up with references which will eventually form my bibliography at the end of the project. Currently I am looking at books such as Guerrilla Advertising, Small Graphics and Creative Advertising. For the more theory based side of things I am looking at Stress Management and 365 Steps to Self-Confidence.
I have spent the majority of the day scanning and selecting various images that is relevant to my work, and it looks like I am finally heading in some sort of direction!

After my tutorial with Mike yesterday, I felt I needed another input on my thoughts and ideas. I had a tutorial with Neil, which really helped and set me on a path in the right direction. I am going to scrap the idea of designing my own typeface for now as that is potentially a professional project in itself.
I need to define my idea to appear in a specific concept or situation in order for it to have the desired effect. As I want to encourage people to think more positively, I suppose you could say I am advertising positivity. I want the final outcome not only to be the chosen words and colour, but also how it is displayed and presented to the public. From here I can now look into advertising, and artists such as Catherine Griffiths and Sheila Levrant de Bretteville.
Now I have an idea of my final outcome, it will make things easier to research. I realise I am only scratching the surface at this point, so need to continue to define it further. But I finally think I'm on to something! :)

I received a text from one of my friends which made me smile quite a bit :D it's one of those annoying chain texts, however I thought it related quite well to my topic. It read:
Sick of sissy friend poems? This speaks of true friendship. When your sad I will get you drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you sad. When you're scared  I will take the piss whenever I can. When you're sick, stay the fuck away from me til you're well again. When you fail I will point and laugh. This is a promise I pledge til the end. Why? Cos you're my friend! Send to 8 friends and then you can get depressed cos you can only think of 4.

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