Sunday, 1 February 2009


Right, so I seem to have got in the habit of not doing a daily update again meaning I am falling behind in my PPRD when I convinced myself I would be on top of it from the start of the year! So am a little annoyed at myself for this.
However, on a lighter note I have just been Los Angeles for a week, not for a holiday but to go out there with my parents who were working out there. We stayed in Orange County for 3 days which was just down the road from the Anaheim Convention Centre, where my mum would be giving a talk about the work she does. It was a big craft fair called CHA, where a massive group of crafters, designers and illustrators came together to exhibit their work to find potential buyers and publishers. Nothing was on sale and unfortunately no photography was allowed as understandably they were very protective over their work. However, some of the work was amazing. Some, has been done plenty of times. All in all I was able to walk around this 14 miles of stands and get so many ideas as to how people work. Everything had been done and thought about, but approached in so many different ways which made me really consider that thinking outside the box was a much more important 'thing' than I thought.
I was able to talk to lots of different people, some were helpful, some weren't, but it was an amazing experience. I walked around picking up so many different business cards, some of which we're so imaginative, would have cost a lot of money but they looked great! This was a thought for a FMP however, I don't think it would be strong enough at all. I need a strong conceptual idea. 
I spent the last two nights in Hollywood, you can't go there and not do a bit of sightseeing. It was a lot different to how I imagined. I didn't realise it was so tacky looking! I thought it was this amazing clean and sophisticated place. Don't really know why, so it was even more of an experience for me to see something completely different to what I was expecting.

However, back to reality now. Need to get some ideas together!

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