Thursday, 26 February 2009


I am pushing the positive thinking idea as broad as I can manage. I need to really consider all the different ways I can present my design, for example: desktop, bus stop, phone box, projected, road signs, posters, postcards, screensavers, newspaper adverts, etc. 

As my research is ongoing throughout the project, I need to continue to gather all the relevant information I need, through primary research and looking at various other artists.
I will be looking into everyday life, elements that people may not notice at a first glance, but will sink in once it has been acknowledged. 

My primary research is gathering information from a wide scope of people, which I can then map and find common ground in order to produce my short snappy and memorable quotes.

On top of this to broaden my design even more, I am considering looking into designing my own typeface which will also help enhance this positive thinking.

To summarise:

  • Look at Barbara Kruger and Andrew Weiner.
  • Think of different ways to present.
  • Continue to gather material.
  • Research artists that work with text.
  • Sift through magazines and newspapers.
  • Research typefaces.
  • Gather quotes.

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