Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Tomorrow I have a screen printing workshop with Jo, but instead of producing something I won't need, I have made a few small designs on something that can relate in some way to my project.
This also meant I was able to get a full screen to myself as it will help with my work.
Some quotes I came up with before the session and design were:
  • Be happy where you are.
  • Practice ignoring your negative thoughts.
  • Relax, reflect, smile.
  • No matter how s*** your day is, I bet something good happened.
  • Will this matter a year from now?
  • Lighten up.
  • Turn this upside down. (Things are looking up already)
My templates:
The black areas on this template is what will eventually become colour. I also have a selection of papers to print on.
Things to consider:
  • Put textures in the text?
  • Bring in templates?
  • Decide how to use space on the screen?
  • Stitch paper together?

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