Wednesday, 18 February 2009


After a much needed tutorial with Anna to set me on the straight and narrow with my theory essay, I felt a lot better about things.
As I find things difficult to explain what I mean, I needed someone to say back to me what was interpreted. This helped a lot. I want to link this essay to my professional project as much as possible and wanted to base it around colour. I knew this would be a very broad area but didn't know how I could condense this down to something relevant.
After a long chat with Anna, we came to a topic which I find very interesting in itself. After lots of research into advertising I will be producing a visual analysis of ad campaigns on specific use of colour. I will look at how they used colour to manipulate the viewers minds and look at the semiotics behind it for my methodologies.
I will be looking at at least 3 case studies. One for healthy living, one which uses bright colour and one which uses a strong shock factor, all based around the same subject area. 
I feel a lot better about things! Hopefully after Monday's session with Charlotte I will have a solid idea on how I will be doing my research.

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