Monday, 23 February 2009


This morning we had a session to help with our research processes for our theory essay. I found it very helpful and used it as a kick start with my work. I understand I still need to seriously crack down with getting on with my research, and I think this is just what I needed.
Charlotte explained various processes, databases and catalogues we have available to us in order to do our research. We also had to write a list of keywords relevant to our essay. Listening to what she was saying I managed to make a note of things to consider:
  • Define topic.
  • Define further into the topic: eg. to a specific country, time era...
  • Think of alternative ways of saying the same thing. (both when writing keywords and forming the sentences)
  • Read and reflect on what you have read.
  • READ information you find. Make notes.
  • EVALUATE what you have read.

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