Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Browsing through the internet and having a tutorial with Sally, I came across Anthony Burrill's work. I think the way he works is interesting, simple and effective.
I particularly like this piece of work. The statement is strong and really makes you think. This is the sort of approach I want to take. However, in terms of use of colour I would probably approach it a different way depending on results of my surveys.
However I am happy I have a solid starting point now :)
I also emailed him:

Dear Anthony,

I have just been looking at your website and find your work really interesting.
I am a second year student at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth studying Visual Communication, currently working on my professional project.
My aim for this project is to encourage people to think in a more positive way, and from this encourage people to become more confident with how they perceive and live everyday life. This will be presented through not only the words, but the design and use of colour too.
Where do you begin to think about the words you are choosing to make people re-think?
Are there any tips you can give me to influence my way of working?

I would be extremely grateful of any help you could give me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Megan Corkhill

Just need to wait on a reply!

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