Monday, 16 February 2009


Ok, so over the weekend, James and I planned a route around London to visit various exhibitions which would link to our professional projects. He planned the trains that we would be getting (as I have no idea where to start with London) and he agreed to be my tour guide.
At first we thought that leaving at 7 in the evening would be too much time, but turned out to be not enough as it took so long to get around anywhere! With delays on the tube, this slowed our journey down more.
However, we made it to every destination we wanted to target, but unfortunately we left London in great disappointment as the gallery's were either shut or taken down (despite saying the open dates on the websites) by the time we reached them. 
As I am really not familiar with London at all, it was an experience. A stressful one at that! I found people very rude and certainly made me never want to live there.
The highlight of my day was Leake Street. James, Laura, Chris and myself walked through this tunnel which was completely covered top to bottom, in graffiti. It was incredible! :) We also visited the London Graphic Store, a very nice art shop which I could have spent all day in.
I have agreed to go back there to try visit various exhibitions again. At least I know what I am expecting now! 
Unfortunately I have come back with nothing that will contribute greatly to my professional project, or my essay. I feel as though I have lost a day and am now starting to panic a bit! :(

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