Friday, 6 February 2009


After the tutorial with Sally and the presentation with Mike Ryan, I knew I needed to start fro scratch again and do some serious brain storming. Instead of settling for the first idea that came to my I realised that I needed to really think what is it I want to for this project as it's such a huge thing.
Initially I came up with the following:
  • website.
  • branding.
  • identity > logo design.
  • letter heads.
  • business cards.
  • flyers.
  • magazines.
  • leaflets.
  • tickets.
  • merchandise > badges > keyrings > stickers.
  • re-making.
  • ways to persuade to recycle.
  • re-using.
  • materials > plastic > cardboard > fabric.
  • clothes.
  • packaging > what for? > minimal.
  • leaflets.
  • instructions.
  • on the bus.
  • billboards.
  • books.
  • magazines > content? > what about? > how big?
  • WHAT TO DO IF...?
  • you get lost > use imagination? > serious approach.
  • you need to get less stressed? > stress ball.
  • you want to travel?
  • funny scenarios? > alternatives > things to do in situation?
  • get more positive attitude?
  • theme parks?
  • bournemouth > history? > things to see?
  • bath > reasons to go? > why is it special?
  • london > tube system > distance > best places > cheap option > never been before.
  • are there more simple ways of learning?
  • how can we understand visual communication?
  • learning intelligences.
  • look at statistics? > how long do people sit in front of the tv? > how often and when are educational programs on tv?
  • realistic methods.
  • how do people learn better? > generations > artistic/academic people > kids > teach themselves > images/colour/text?
  • survey.
  • feelings > actions > words > weather > environment > relaxation methods > colour > music.
  • places to go?
  • different people use different methods.
  • make people think differently?
  • look at depression?
  • humorous approach? > genres/appearance > goth/skinhead/emo/chav.

I will now decide upon one of these subject matters and push forward with it. Some tie in with my initial ideas, some are completely new.
Thoughts at the moment are about the tour guide : produce something 'for dummies' or as if you have never been to that place before. Useful tips that are cheapest options (good for London).
I originally wanted to produce kits to bring children and parents closer together, almost like a relationship building exercise. It would only take 5 minutes out the day so never any excuse not to. I believe that what happens in your childhood reflects how you live and see things when you grow older. 
I am considering tying this idea in with what makes people happy. And/or what to do if you need to relax..

Any thoughts please?

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