Friday, 3 October 2008


After a pretty unsuccessful day yesterday I am feeling a lot better about things today. We started off the day with a group tutorial/ideas generation critique which I found quite useful as it helped push me in the right direction for an idea. I was quite surprised at myself really as I have never had much input into group discussions and found myself putting forward questions and my ideas to other people. Hopefully I can keep this up!

The rest of the day was spent researching and talking to my peers about how I can push my idea to achieve a high standard. So far my idea is about how I don't have a particular 'thing' that is sentimental to me. I personally have never really had anything like that as pretty much everything I own can be replaced nowadays, even photographs which are usually on facebook or backed up on the computer. I'm basing it on the fact that you can't replace you're memory. You may not remember things all the time, but it's always triggered by reminders such as smells, de ja vu, feelings, things you see, things you hear, and so on. You don't need objects for reminders. So far I have a baseline which is 'The only things you can't replace is your memory'. However, there is still plenty more work to be done for my poster to reach it's full potential! I still need to consider the graphics and possibly a back-up sentence in small print, so the ideas generation must continue for now!

I feel like I have come quite a long way since yesterday where I was panicking about having no ideas and having no clue in which direction I wanted to go.. especially as I was pretty sure I was going down the social issue route. Hopefully I will have a solid idea by the end of the weekend to work on next week before the critique.

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