Friday, 10 October 2008


Today we got briefed on our next mini project, greeting card designs, which went really well. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in to some designs. We currently have a visiting tutor working with us for the duration of this project and have found her views and ways of working really helpful and will hopefully influence the way in which I work too. We have to produce 6 different cards to make a set, these can range across different occasions or all belong to one occasion. We have two weeks to do it. Let's start the planning!

An idea that I currently have is a card range with illustrated monsters on the front. These drawings could appeal to a wide target audience of both children and adults and is influenced by the language in which I use. I got this idea from 'juicy lucy designs'. I need to get designing on my characters and depending on how well that goes, depends on what occasion I will produce these for. I want to experiment with different props to symbolise the occasion, try some without for blank cards and if all fails I have a back up plan.

My back up plan consists of using my photographs from our first summer project last year. For this I took close up photographs of everything along the beach front and the textures and colours shown in each photo and think they could all potentially work really well as a greetings card set.

I'll try both, and put my strongest designs forward. I'm looking forward to this!


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