Monday, 13 October 2008


I thought this next brief was going to be really good! Friday was a productive day with ideas and today I can't seem to reproduce what I'm imagining in my head! All very frustrating.
I know I have ideas, I have a clear idea of how I want things to look, however, it is not going to plan right now.
I have three possible routes in which I could take this brief. Although I need to work hard to produce something different and eye-catching to my chosen target audience (which I haven't yet worked out).
First idea was to produce a photographical series of greeting cards, although my images need to be appealing and become part of a series of 6.
Second idea was monsters. I can imagine them in my head, but now found I can no longer draw the way I used to. But looking at Juicy Lucy Designs, they are childlike illustrations but the target audience is chosen due to the language used. This was another possible direction I could take this.
My third idea is collage. Something I really enjoyed in first year for our editorial illustrations, and may actually be able to bring all three idea together. I don't want to over complicate my designs though, as they need to be reproduced easily and at a high standard.

So yeah, this is my mind block, I don't know where to take things from here. Help!

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