Friday, 24 October 2008


A bit like yesterday, I didn't really receive a lot of criticised feedback for my card designs. I don't know whether this was because all I was doing now was extra work towards my collection, or because I had hit every target I needed. So I took this as a good thing. There is always room for improvement, I just don't quite know where that is yet.
My cards were originally aimed at kids, however witnessing the feedback I had received, they appeal to our age group too. This is good as immediately my target audience is broadened and a result, is more likely to sell. Due to the simplicity and the size of the designs, the production costs would be low, therefore making it easier to mass produce.
I showed my design sheets, original characters, finished product, and elements of my sketchbook in my critique, all of which really helped to explain my work and gave everyone else a much better understanding of where my idea came from.

Comments made at the critique by my peers are:

- "I prefer seeing the whole character on the front, unless you show a bit more on the cropped cards."
- "I like the fact you can only see a bit of the monster as it would encourage you to buy the wrapping paper as well."
- "They appeal to me, and I'm not a kid."
- "Despite the simplicity, they hold a lot of character."
- "I can see this working as a much bigger collection than what you have made."
- "This would look good as a badge."

I took these as positive comments and may adjust the cards slightly, however I am extremely happy with the work I have produced :)
On top of this I need to produce some print specs and consider paper stock, although the card that I have used, works well especially as it is aimed towards kids.
Overall I am really happy with my feedback and results. 

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