Wednesday, 29 October 2008


After having very little time to put anything together for this brief I think our group did pretty well in producing the work that we did. 
My group; George Russell, Luke Bonner, James McMorrow, Vicky Martin and myself; decided to completely step away from 'The Office' and run with the idea of the Ink Bar. So since Monday we have come up with a short presentation of a few pdf slides which we showed Chloe Parmiter today. As we knew it wasn't to the level of design that we could achieve with more time, we were a bit hasty to present what we had, however to our surprise the feedback was really positive and she loved our ideas!
Through talking to her for about an hour after that we pretty much convinced her that 'The Office' was rubbish and that they definitely need to go with a different name, and broaden their target audience beyond office workers. Below demonstrates our presentation which we showed Chloe:

With her now on our side all we need her to do is convince the 'big boss' that we are right! She has taken our presentation and other work and brainstorming to back up our pitched ideas.
We all now have her contact details which we can keep for future reference for other work, and to have direct updates on how our ideas are working out. 
All in all, really successful and I found it really useful to see how the working world works with tight ever-changing deadlines and sketchy briefs. It was challenging and hard work but we pulled through as a group and all worked really well together.

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