Friday, 17 October 2008


Today I've been a proper geek 8)
Yesterday I was debating which way I should go with my greeting card designs, so after I finished at the Institute I went to Wilkinsons to buy crafty stuff to help me on my way. I ended up with lots of googly eyes, a furry pencil case and corrugated coloured card. Out of these materials I managed to produce these:

I think they've turned out really well :) however I'm a bit stuck on my target audience as everyone I've asked said they would buy a card with these on...Maybe kids and kidults? 
I was able to scan these at the Institute today which enabled me to experiment with cropping, different background colours and different sizing of my characters to see the full potential of my design.

There are so many things I can do with these designs because they are so simple. I think the cropped monsters would work well as a set of greeting cards on white or coloured backgrounds. After this I applied colour to each monster to demonstrate how they could look.

Following this, I decided they could work with or without text. If I was to include text I think it should be hand drawn to portray the child-like image my designs give. I also have an idea for my 'brand' name :) Its all going well today!
I've also had the time to produce a possible wrapping paper design, looks alright I think... Opinions please?!

Can't wait to see the final outcomes :) Still a bit further to go but I'm happy I stuck with monsters now!

To have a break from all this I designed a brief identity for myself which you can see at the top of my blog, I have also decided to link this with my design sheets and anywhere else I can to tie my work in together.

Good times!

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Martin Cruze said...

I like the abstract ones!