Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Woke up this morning feeling a little more confident about my ideas after working on my laptop with various layouts last night. Continued to work throughout the day alongside my peers bouncing ideas off one another. I spent the majority of the day experimenting with different layouts, and ideas, each time collecting opinions until I produced an idea I was willing to settle with. Once we all had an idea we were relatively happy with and ready to put forward, a few of us lead our own mini critique amongst ourselves by pinning our work up on the wall and expressing our opinions and ideas to help push the designs that little bit further.
It was really good to see what other people had done and how everyone had approached the brief. Having positive feedback about my work boosted my confidence especially after I had been stressing out so much about this brief!

I found today really useful, and hope that tomorrow will be a useful and constructive day too. I still need to print my final design out and get on with some sketchbook work but other than that I think I have finally relaxed and am satisfied with my work! :)

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Chris said...

looking good Megan!!