Monday, 6 October 2008


Ok, so it seems as though my good day on Friday wasn't going to last as long as I hoped..

I have a basic idea, but it's not enough to produce something amazingly good right now. I'm completely aware that we only have 2 and a bit more days to go before the critique and I still have no visuals planned out or even remotely in my head! I went from having nothing sentimental to trying to persuade people that you don't need objects in order to remember things as your memory can't be replaced.
In order to present this, I need a 'clever' caption, or image or something to kick start me! Any ideas? I'm finding this section of the project really difficult to approach and extremely challenging. I went in to the Institute today to do some research and found a few adverts but have still yet to come across anything that will really help me settle with a solid idea.
I found it helpful talking with a number of my peers as they gave me their input on my ideas but also suggested some of their own which I much appreciated!

I'm starting my sketchbook today so I'm hoping my ideas will begin to flow and I'll be on a roll soon to produce my poster.

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