Thursday, 16 October 2008


Today has been a pretty productive day in terms of feedback and idea generations.
Sally and Neil have been talking to small groups either about their poster from the last mini project or about their ideas for the current project on greeting cards.

First up was Neil. I went in to the tutorial confused and indecisive about my ideas and came out with ways to make them work. 
I was torn between monsters with googly eyes, aimed towards kids, and a more photographic/collage which could be aimed at slightly older people. I was then given the idea to combine both ideas which could potentially broaden my target audience, however am a bit unsure as to how this would look good and appeal to people. I am aware it would have to be done well in order to target my chosen audience. This can also be helped in the language that I use too.

Can you imagine these two combined? 
I found Claire really helpful in this tutorial as she seemed to notice how confused I was and gave a few pointers to nudge me in the right direction. For example, I can't get the images in my head down on paper, so she suggested an alternative to use fabric, stick on the googly eyes, and that was my monster designed. This boosted my confidence a little - I now need to go buy some kids craft things :) should be fun!
However, I still like the other idea as no-one has really done that.
I have a few designers/artists I need to research but hopefully I'm on the road to a solid idea.

Next up was the feedback from Sally from our A3 posters from last week. I was interested in what she had to say about everyone's as she didn't know who had done what. I feel I received positive feedback and the only thing I was really told to make slightly different is to come away from black and white and try to introduce colour. Other than that I was told it was a good piece of work and the type used reflected my message well too.

All in all a positive day so far..

Now I need to make this happen.

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