Friday, 31 October 2008


Yesterday we were briefed on the next part of the module and seems pretty interesting.
We have to design the packaging for a watch by Animal. To get the ball rolling we split up in to groups of 6 or 7 and spent the whole day researching and putting together a pdf presentation ready to present to Neil and Claire at the end of the day.
My group consisted of Lianne, Emily, Martin, Dan, Milla and myself. I think we worked really closely as a group resulting in a good presentation which we were really happy about, and received positive feedback from Neil and Claire giving us the confidence to run with our idea. During the day we split off into pairs to research specific elements before reporting back ready to progress on to the next stage. Each stage required a moodboard, below is the moodboard me and Dan made about the target audience:

 Working in this way meant we got a lot done quickly and also resulted in an amazing idea!
I think we are going to continue to work closely with this project to bounce ideas around and push our idea forward, however we all need to produce something different, but that will shine through with the variety of styles we all work in.

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