Monday, 27 October 2008


We had a meeting with Matt Desmier today about the Ink Bar brief and have been told to continue with any initial ideas we had previously. Through the meeting with Chloe about the whole brief, I feel we were all left confused about what they actually wanted. 
We split into smaller groups and began work on a few ideas for names and designs for logos, later to be e-mailed and informed that 'The Office' has been approved as a name, and they have ideas for the logo (but still not yet e-mailed them through so we can work on). As a group, we didn't feel as though this name worked and preferred names such as:
-Bar Ink
-The Ink Room
-The Ink Bar
-Just Off The Square

Each of these names have so much scope to work on. Plus why would anyone want to leave the go to The Office?
Luke, James, James, Vix, George and myself have had our own meeting now and decided we are going to take 'The Ink Bar' forward and produce some decent portfolio work, which will hopefully convince Andy Price that his ideas won't work!
We have decided our theme will be ink dropped in water, as shown below:

We need to produce a type sheet and a selection of images which will compliment each other together and individually.

Once this has been approached, we then need to put our designs in to perspective through:
-Business Cards
-Intranet Advertisements
-Window Graphics
-Beer Mats/Coasters. etc.

We will present as a group, all of our ideas as we have come together to strengthen just one final idea.
Deadline is tight, we have until Wednesday!

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