Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Today I have managed to push my idea yet again, and in doing so, have become torn between 2 ideas as per usual!
One thing I am settled on is my logo for my 'group' who designed the cards 'Monsters'. Alongside this I feel as though the wrapping paper idea is pretty successful too, pictures will be up soon..
Progressing from yesterday with adding text to my designs, proved a good idea, however brought along a split choice. Right now I am wanting to make 12 cards; 6 plain, 6 with text. Hopefully I'll be able to have a casting vote on Thursdays critique.
Here are my designs with text.

I chose to hand draw the text as it looked a little more child-like, but also goes with the designs themselves. My cards are only going to be 10cm x 10cm so I think they are the ideal size for invitations or thank you cards [displayed above]. However they are also ideal to come as a set of blank cards for any occasion for a much wider target audience. 
This is what they look like without text:

Whilst I was debating on which set to put forward I started designing a logo for my card group. Here's my finished outcome:

I am really pleased with how they have come out! Now all I need to do is make them properly and decide my 6 to put forward, otherwise I'm turning up with 12 :)

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