Thursday, 9 October 2008


Today has been a really good positive day :)
I actually surprisingly enjoyed the critique today and felt that I was able to give my opinions and ideas towards other people's work constructively. I was also happy to hear I got positive feedback for my poster and some suggestions on how to improve it.

Since the critique I have taken note of everything that was suggested by both my peers and Neil and made the changes to my work to see for myself whether I would be happier with the final outcome.

Changes that were suggested were as follows:
  • Work more on the strap line. Simple and straight to the point.
  • Try reversing in to black to see if it stands out more.
  • Play with the size of the text - make it bigger?
Overall I had really good feedback and I was told by everyone that it was a good strong idea, put across well. :)

This is my poster after the changes:

Here I have just changed the strap line to something a little more to the point, and made the text slightly larger. 'You can't replace your memory, but you can replace your objects'. I think it is a lot simpler and better to read than 'You can't have an object of your memory, but you can have a memory of your object'.

Following this I reversed the white to black to experiment with how well the text stood out and if it still gave the same message. I did a quick survey with a handful of my peers and it was a split vote between the black and white backgrounds.
In my opinion I prefer the white, as it's more crisp and has a softer feel to it. To me, the black background portrays a sense of 'memories after death' and doesn't seem quite as appealing.
However, my peers who voted on the latter of the two feel that it looks more classy and eye-catching.

All in all I feel that the white background works best with the new strap line. This will be my final piece for this project.

Roll on greeting cards! :)

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Anivy {jennifer cant} said...

Oh wow I have to say the black background version, as much as I like the first one, is loads more striking!

Like the new tagline too :P