Friday, 10 October 2008


I found this project really difficult to get in to and really struggled to get ideas, however through talking to my peers I was soon able to focus and begin working. 
I think the idea about having nothing sentimental and convincing people that you don't need objects to remember things, is a strong argument and can relate to everyone. I didn't know how to portray this statement through imagery so chose to go down the route of typography. I think the way in which I presented my background made good use of the white space and also gave another element to draw the attention in, as you look closer, the small print reads all the memories that relate to most people.
I used century gothic for my text because of its shape, style and simplicity. Although I experimented with other typefaces, I still believe this works the best. Although I was happy with my final poster, I found the critique very useful. I received a lot of positive feedback which gave me great confidence in my work. I took on board everything that was said and made the necessary changes in order to improve my poster. I think the strap line sounds a lot stronger now despite it's simplicity. As I had to make the final decision on the overall look of the poster, I believe that the white and grey background works and looks a lot more professional and crisp than the black, although I know people will disagree with this, I found most people agreed with me.

Overall I am very happy with my final design and if I were to change anything I would possibly experiment with colour to make it more appealing to people of all ages. 

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